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, safer stoves. but noted engineer and friend larry winursky offered it design one and with pena ready to manufacture it, hughes went to her local rotary club and asked them for start-up funds. >> i was standing around with these rot arians and they said you can start a factory in el salvadore. and i was like i'm over 65, i'm to the doing that. and so one of the people on the team said listen, we've got a great stove, we've got a guy who wants to produce them. we can raise money so let's raise money and place an order for stoves with him and let him go and let him own the factory and we don't have to do it. that was very appealing with similar rotary club funding the team has set up six factories across central america and mexico. each owned by a local entrepreneur. it's a very different approach than most aid groups. they've often imported mass produced stoves and given them out for free or at almost no cost to users. >> one reason stove team says it's been successful is that its stoves are locally produced. and they're design is informed by local food customs. the biggest problem, mo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)